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Welcome to Blaker Tee's Page Of DooM!!!!


Hi, wecome to my DooM III site! Navigate through the different pages by clicking on the links to the left side of the page.


News and updates

10/13/03- is up! I've got the basics down, and expect more updates in the future!

10/13/03- Fixed a few problems with my links page. The sites should be working now.

10/15/03- My fan fiction story is up! Also i have included a beastiary for DooM 1 and 2, and I have added some fan art that my friend Weirdkid made! Enjoy!

10/22/03-Sorry about the lack of updates recently, I've been busy staring into space thinking about how cool Doom III will be.... I've fixed a terrible typo, Wolfenstein is now spelled correctly. I'm sorry for any emotional trauma this might have caused to hardcore FPS gamers.

11/01/03- The site is becoming a fan art site in a big way. Expect even more pics:)

What Is DooM?

Doom is a FPS survival horror game, in which you are a space marine, trying to escape a base that has been taken over by Hell itself. The company making the game is called Id software, a gaming comany that revolutionized the gaming world with their first FPS title, Wolfenstein. 

When people think DooM nowadays, they think of a game that was the first of it's kind, and has been dwarfed by newer, more impressive games that are superior storywise and graphicswise.

But Id is going to change all that. They have finished a new engine that will run their newest hit- DooM III. DooM III will be a retelling of the original game, where a faulty portal rips the fabric of space time and brings forth demons and spirits into the bases of Mars, killing and zombifying everyone inside....