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This is a story made by ME. Please do not use any material in my story for ANYTHING, unless you include my name in it.


Part I- Hell Incoming_______________________________________________________________

The sound of gunfire echoed down the corridor, mixed with the screams of soldiers, ripped to shreds by what was invading the base.

"We canít hold them off much longer!" yelled Keene, filling the halls with suppressive fire from his class C plasma rifle as he and his fellow survivors ran through the hallways.

"We need to get to the airlock!" screamed Dina, who was panting for breath and didnít look like she could run much longer. Then, all of a sudden they stopped, and the creatures stopped, for a figure in shining green armor stood in the doorway at the end of the hall.

"Get to the side!" yelled the figure as he took out a large gun from his holster.

Dina cried out in surprise-

"Is that a... BFG 9000?"

Her answer was confirmed as giant balls of green plasma shot out of the muzzle and incinerated the army of creatures and-


Blake Thompson turned off his television with disgust. How come whenever a show would get good, a BFG 9000 would turn up? The weapon was a popular prop used in many modern action space movies, but come on, why canít they be more realistic? The gun doesnít even exist. The closest thing the marines have now is the class C plasma rifle, because class B and A are still being tested in the Tech building. Movies are just getting worse and worse. Hell, they were better 20 years ago, without plasma technology.

"Oh well."

Blake got off his comfortable artificial leather chair and walked to the kitchen area of his steel walled box that the UAC called "living chambers". He opened the refrigerator and pulled out an insta-meal that was lying on the top shelf.

"Eggs and ham. Shit."

Blake hated eggs and ham, because the smell made him feel sick. Eating it didnít make him feel good either. But he was terribly hungry, and he felt that maybe if he plugged his nose well enough, he wouldnít be able to process the taste. He popped it in the microwave, and walked back to recreation room to watch more shitty movies.

After sitting through five minutes of "Action Hero Space Marine", the microwave beeper went off and Blake walked back to the kitchen to eat. He was about to take a bite of his slimy, smelly slop, when the intercom on the wall began talking.

"Private Thomson, please report to my office. I would like to assign you to a new position."

It was the voice of General Rantan, a hardened veteran that fought in WW IV and the First War of Mars, where a rebel group of civilians declared war on the new Mars government.

Many UAC soldiers died, but the rebel group was wiped out, and peace returned to the community. The General was a good and fair man, retaining all of his white hair even with his old age. But if you got on the wrong side of him, he could make a bear cry for its mother.

Good thing that wasnít going to happen to Blake, he was getting a new position. Finally! He was getting sick being his security job of patrolling the main work station and wanted something new, something more exciting. He went over some possibilities. He would like more clearance to the base, because this would make him feel important. But what he wanted more than anything was clearance to the Technology labs. It was there that they did all the cool scientific stuff. He would be able to observe experiments, and keep up with progress on the class B plasma rifle. His thoughts were interrupted by the Generalís voice on the intercom, which said loudly,

"I mean now private!"

Blake quickly got off his chair and opened the door to the hallway. He walked past all the living quarters and took a left, and nearly crashed into a rather frail looking scientist carrying a suitcase and clipboard.

"Watch where youíre walking you clumsy piece of shit!" The scientist yelled, and he quickly strode away. What was that about? Blake figured he must have been in a bad mood but it was still rather rude of him. No matter though, he needed to get to Rantanís office. He took a few turns, which took him to his superiorsí offices.

He finally found Rantanís office and stepped inside. His secretary looked up at Blake and spoke.

"Are you Blake Thompson?" she asked.

"Yes I am." he replied.

"The general will see you now" she said, and turned back to her computer and resumed typing madly at the keyboard.

Blake wanted to stay there, and stare at the beautiful woman sitting at the desk, but he remembered his appointment, not to mention his wife and kids back on Earth.

He stepped into the next room and stood before the General. Rantan motioned to a black, real leather chair.

"Go ahead and sit down son, make yourself comfortable."

"Yes sir"

"Now, Blake... You have been working for UAC for how many years?"

"Twenty six now sir."

"Yes... Youíre a good soldier son. Thatís why Iím going to assign you to a new position." The general leaned forward in his chair. " How would you like to work as security in Tech labs?"

Blake nearly pissed his pants in happiness but he managed a,

"Yes sir!"

"Excellent! You start tomorrow!" Rantan sneaked a five-dollar credit to Blake. "Buy something for yourself to eat that doesnít taste like shit eh?"

"Yes sir!"

Blake left the office with a skip in his step and headed to the Cafe to buy a Choco-cream mellow cream sundae, his favorite snack in the world. Or in this case mars. On the way he spotted the entrance to the Tech labs. Strange, he thought. The door was usually just locked but now there was a security officer guarding the door. He walked to the guard and asked,

"Whatís going on here? Why all the sudden security?"

The officer turned his head to Blake. His visor hid his eyes.

"None of your damn business. Now, go back to wherever you are suppost to be! ", He replied and roughly shoved him away.

Blake was about to shove the unpleasant officer back, when the guard pulled a gun out and pointed it at Blakeís head. Blake stood in shock as the officer began to smile.

"You seem to have trouble taking orders kid...."

Then, just as the officer was about to speak again, the floor shook and the lights went out. Blake could hear personnel screaming and machinery exploding and breaking. A red mist come out of the Tech door, and engulfed the offending officer, and a few seconds later shot back into the door. Blake took this time to grab the gun, back away and point at the officer. The officer grunted a few times and fell to the floor. Confused, Blake decided to go around and find out what happened. As he rounded the corner he heard another grunt, and he turned around to see the officer running at him. A few well-placed shots to the chest grounded the man once again and Blake inspected the corpse. He took off the officerís helmet and dropped it in surprise as he saw the dead mans face. Except he didnít seem to be a man anymore. His skin was wrinkled and grey, and his eyes glowed a steady orange. Blake scrambled backwards away from the body.

"SHIT! What the hell is going on here?"

More screams filled the hallways and Blake reloaded his 9mm pistol with a clip from his belt. With one final explosion that rocked the base, all went silent except for the sound of an occasional spark. He went to open the door to the Tech labs, but thought better. With all that experimental equipment, it could be hazardous to the body, and before he died, he wanted to find out just what the hell happened to the base.

Blake grabbed his radio from his belt and spoke into it.

"This is Blake. Weird shit is happening. Is anyone out there? Over."

"Kzzzzzzzzzkttzzzzkrrrrrt" The radio replied, indicating that there were no responses.

Blake spoke again into the radio but to no avail. He was about to put it away though, when he began to hear words mixed with gunfire and the cries of the dying.

"-Kzzzt- this is Drew! We are shooting at someth-kzzzzt- eally fricken fuc-kzzt- up! Iím freaked out I donít know if our Ėkzzzzzt- are doing anything-kzzzzt- everyone is dying we need support, repeat we Ėkzzzzt- support we ARRRRRRRRRGGG!!!!!" The radio fell silent.



Part II- Hell Unleashed

Blake stood there, processing what he had just heard and experienced when a growl snapped him out of his thoughts. It was an engineer but he seemed to be in the same "Zombiefied" state that the officer was. He bared his teeth and spread his arms. Blake aimed his pistol and shot the thing in the head. It dropped like a ragdoll.

Blake decided it was time to move. Running through the metallic corridors, he could hear slower footsteps, following him. He turned his head and saw some of his old army buddies, still in combat array, being led by his old commander, Perkins. Perkins was an asshole, but he seemed nice compared to the swollen, rotting monstrosity that was chasing him now. They must have suffered the same fate that the officer did.... He could hear Perkins yelling orders to the limping, but fast, soldiers following him, and figured that some of these things were still intelligent... If Perkins was loud when Blake had pissed on his bed, the whole army must have pissed on his new bed just recently, to make him sound so deafening now.

"Kill the human minions! Donít let him escape! He must become another sacrifice to the Master!"

Blake thought of the possibility of a higher power at work here but was interrupted as he rounded the corner and spied some empty metal crates that usually held ammunition. Gasping for breath he ducked into an open crate. The influenced marines ran hurriedly past the crate observing their surroundings, looking for the human that escaped.
Suddenly though, Perkins stopped and sniffed the air.

"I smell fear...." He motioned to two former soldiers,

"Search those crates over there. When you find him, kill him."

The marine knew the soldiers would find him soon enough so he slowly crept down the corridor where he came from, staying in the shadows.

After a few minutes of searching, The possessed soldiers walked back to their corrupted commander.

"Guurnnnn... Nothing masterrr."

" Aolek'ahnicko'he!! Keep looking! I can still smell him!"

And so the possessed squad lingered, thoroughly searching the crates for Blake, while he quietly walked on. He reached the corner and discovered that the soldiers had locked every door they had passed, prohibiting Blake from going any further. He heard their footsteps returning to his position and he franticly searched for a way out of this mess. He spotted an air vent and kicked it open. He crawled inside and his nipples instantly froze from the freezing temperature. But he would rather be cold than gun fodder, so he crawled on. As he made his way through the narrow passageway, He looked through the numerous vents and saw images of gore and destruction in every room. Then he hit his head on the sharp edge of a dead end vent hole and let out a quiet gasp of pain. He looked through the vent and nearly yelled at the sight before him. Numerous bodies littered the floor and a pool of blood covered the floor and stained the walls. And even more terrifying, were the two creatures that stood before him, unaware of his presence.

Blake watched from his hiding place in the freezing air vent as a large muscular beast eyed a smaller, bird-like creature, and soon after gave it a punch in the shoulderblade. The "Bird" noticed and howled challenge and they began to cautiously strafe around each other in a circle. Blake, not wanting to give away his position silently watched on, expecting what was about to erupt.

The Bird made the first move and left a bloody gash on the large one's chest. The latter roared and knocked the Bird to the floor and began kicking it around like a ball. The Bird quickly regained it's footing and made a powerful jump that cleared the surprised brute and ended behind him. The Bird turned around and threw a mighty kick that grounded and dazed the huge monster. The Bird quickly grabbed the brute by the arm and dragged him to an open door. The seemingly intelligent thing then pushed the "close" button, and watched with interest as the door sliced the large demon in half.
The Bird roared in victory and pounded its chest with its right arm. And Blake thought it opportune to put a bullet between its eyes. It gave a final cry, sounding almost indignant, and slumped to the ground. Blake crawled out of the duct and onto the bloody floor, he cringed at the feeling of guts on his feet but it was warmer down there. As he observed the Bird, he thought he saw itís hand twitch, but he dismissed it. He walked out of the blood soaked room and began to look for a weapon more powerful than a pistol.

The sights and sounds of the dead base were unnerving. Blake jumped at every noise and corpse and was growing tired. He noticed a living quarters with itís door open. Blake started towards the door but jumped back as forms on the ceiling began descending to the floor on webs. They were upside-down human heads with finger like "legs" sprouting out of the area where their ears were suppost to be. They looked like... Spiders.

"No! No spiders oh God, no spiders!"

Blake was frozen at the sight of the "Spiders", because of his arachnophobia that he had for as long as he could remember, and couldnít make his hands reach for his gun.

The spiders chattered excitedly, and their heads constantly bobbled around. Blake couldnít stop staring into those black, lifeless eyes. This was it. He was paralyzed.

With four loud gunshots, the spiders were dead and Blake spun around to see the one who saved him. Standing before him, was a tattered and bloody General Rantan, who held a 9mm pistol in his right hand.

"Sir! Thank God itís you! What the Hell is going on?"

"Those fools at the Tech lab have messed up badly this time," Rantan gasped, "I tried talking to them but they were to obsessed with their experiments..." Rantan began to fall, but Blake grabbed him before he hit the floor.

"But sir! Which ones?" Blake asked frantically. The echoes of alerted monsters bounced down the hallways like ricocheting bullets.

"Blake, I need medical attention. Bring me to the Med. lab and Iíll tell you more, but we cant stay here, the monsters will tear us limb from limb!" the general groaned, and Blake threw him over his shoulder, and headed to the Med. lab. They met little resistance along the way, and with Rantan covering his back, Blake dispatched 4 civilian zombies, and 2 monsters that resembled a human, except for their brown skin, numerous eyes, and ability to conjure fire. They finally reached the long hall where at the end of which, the Med. lab was located. But another creature of the kind that Blake encountered at the air vent blocked their way. And unfortunately, it was the big muscular one.

The brute roared and charged at Blake and the general and Blake had to jump to get out of its way. He began to run, with the general on his shoulder, towards the Med. lab
door with the brute close behind. After what seemed like hours of running

Blake ran through the medical center's doorway and slammed the close button. He could still make out the monster's footsteps over the grinding of the door's gears. After a dozen suspenseful seconds, the door closed and the footsteps could no longer be heard. He took a deep breath and walked across the blood stained floor and began searching cabinets for stimpacks and maybe some ammunition. Once he had cleared the room of all objects of use, including an old fashioned chaingun, he walked to Rantan and applied the stim. They general cried out in pain, when calmed when his wounds had fully healed. Blake was the first to speak.

"Ok sir, now, can you please tell me what the Hell is going on?"

The general gave a long sigh and replied.

"That, private, is exactly what has happened. Hell itself has invaded Mars, and itís all because of those damn scientists...."

"What did they do to cause this?"

"Son, have you heard of the portal experiment that started a week ago?"

"Yes I have, thatís all Commander Perkins could talk about, was how foolish the Tech lab was, and that they would bring an end to all life... Oh God.... Is that what is going to happen?"

"Yes. The demons of Hell will conquer Mars, and then earth. Unless we do something."

"Well, what do you plan to do?"

"Well I ran into Perkins earlier. He.... Wasnít himself. He was looking for a marine that escaped from them-" Blake interrupted him.

"He was looking for me! They started chasing me, saying that they where going to sacrifice me to their Master or something. They looked like... well.... Zombies!"

" There are zombies roaming the base, but Perkins and his squad were not zombies. They are taking command from a higher power. They were chosen by Hell to clean up the rest of the human population. They were possessed. Anyways, they spotted me, and when I tried to speak to them, they opened fire on me. That is where my injuries came from.

I threw a grenade, but I donít know if I killed them all. I found a piece of paper on one of the soldiers though. It has a code for the self-destruction of the base. I believe he was protecting it. If we want to end the invasion, we must destroy the base."

"But what about us?"

"We will take a cargo transport ship out of here. They are large and slow, but the entire

pod station has been destroyed by the demons. We need to get to the command center and put in the destruction code."

"Sounds like a plan, lets go"

Blake and Rantan walked towards the emergency exit when they heard a loud sound that made the room shake. Blake quickly took out his gun and turned to the source of the noise and immediately slammed the open button as he noticed the large dent on the entrance door.


The exit wouldn't open and the Rantan smashed the console with his gun. The door began to slowly open.


The door opened just enough to let Blake in, and then jammed. Rantan wouldnít be able to get through, due to his large size.

"Shit.." whispered Blake as Rantan pulled out his pistol and stood firmly in front of the dented entrance door.

"Rantan! What the hell are you doing?"

"You go on son, Iím getting old and Iím going to die soon anyways. I might as well die in battle."


"Go now Blake, Iíll keep him busy. The code to the tech room is 03195. Here is the paper. It has all the instructions for the destruction sequence. And keep the gun. Now go out there, and end this mess."

Rantan smiled and saluted Blake. He shakily saluted back.

" Goodbye sir" said Blake as he slid under the door and ran to the command center, located in the Tech labs....

Part III- Hell Dispatched


Blake ran through the hallways, trying to ignore the sounds of battle between the beast, and the martyr Rantan. After one final crazed laugh that echoed through the corridors, the beast and Rantan fell silent.

Rantan gave his life to save Blake, and Blake was going to stay alive to save humanity. With the Tech lab in sight, and his morale renewed, he punched in the keycode and entered with guns blazing, killing all the unsuspecting demons that lurked inside. Gasping and growling, Blake stripped all the zombies of ammo, and walked the halls, and shot anything that moved. As he passed a room however, something caught his eye. It lay on a pedestal, reflecting light off its white surface. Its black muzzle was covered with small bumps, and was glowing.

"A.... BFG... 9000...", Blake whispered in awe. It couldnít be. These guns did not exist, yet it was sitting right there, surrounded by tools and power cells. He rushed in and grabbed the massive gun and was surprised by its lightness. He holstered it.

Walking out of the room, he followed signs until he finally got to the command center. Stepping through the door, he discovered how small the room was, only as large as his kitchen. He sat in the chair facing the monitor and followed the instructions to start the self-destruction. A small black box with a button on it popped out of a slot. The button said in glowing red letters, "destruct". It all dawned on him. He would have to survive to press the button, so when he got to the transport, he would have to be extra careful not to die. Or it was all over.

Blake arrived at the transport room with no trouble, and looked for a cargo transport ship. He found the smallest one and examined it. It was around the size of an Earth cruise ship was shaped like a bullet with a bottom that was around seven feet longer than the topside. Blake found the hatchway and stepped in the massive ship. He sat at the main controls and initiated the launch sequence and set weight boosters to one lifeform, 230 pounds. The monitor flashed red and a text message appeared on the screen-


"What the fuck?", Blake slammed on the keyboard, but the message remained
on the screen. "This is bullshit...."

Blake began typing in the console,

"Where is the second lifeform. ENTER"



Blake held his chaingun in one hand, and the small black box in his other. If he was going to die, than he was going to make certain the base went with him. He made his way down the stairs to the engine room.

Blake walked in the foggy engine room, his movements made jerky by his heavy combat armor. As he searched the perimeter, a low hiss could be heard.
"Just steam", he thought, and walked on. The hissing grew louder and the marine made out an outline of what seemed to be a person.

"Who's there?", Blake growled as he shined his military standard issue flashlight at the silhouette. It was then he realized this was no friend as scaly "feathers" extended
off the creature's body, making its figure resemble that of a bird's. It was the bird had been shot in the head, but its thick skull seemed to have stopped the bullet. It had feigned death and it was now staring at him, eager to exact revenge for his wounds. The bird screeched and lunged towards the surprised marine and quickly found his target. The creature had a firm grip on his battle armor so he was forced to discard it.

While the Bird beat on the empty battle armor, unaware that the human had escaped,

Blake raised his gun and fired. What happened next boggled his mind. The Bird became a blur of brown and orange, and every bullet ricochet harmlessly off the steel floor. The Bird had dodged every single one. It stood up to its full height, and let out a demonic laugh, with itís head thrown back. That was it. A bullet dodging demon. He was out of options... except...

Blake threw the chaingun to the ground and pulled out the BFG 9000.

He pulled the trigger and as the gun began to hiss and shake he could see the Bird look back in confusion.

"Dodge this."

The great green ball of energy blasted forth unto the demon and utterly destroyed it.

Itís chunks of red muscle and bone, still sliding on the floor matted the area with a thin film of blood. Temples throbbing, Blake returned to the glowing control center and blasted the lumbering ship off into space. And as he pushed the red glowing button on the box, he thought of how many lives he had saved. He fought, he endured, and he lived. And now,

Hell was DOOMED.