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Classic DooM monsters continued....



This is a giant brain on mechanized spider legs that shoots plasma at you..... That's all I can really tell you....

TIPS- Listen for thier tell-tale mechanic legs noise. When they shart shooting, strafe their shots and attack with a rapid fire weapon. These guys are fairly sensitive to pain. 

The Arch Vile

This demon seems to be the "shaman" of hell, using magic to catch you on fire, throwing you back 6 feet, and ressurecting dead demons! Kill this annoying thing before it kills you in one shot with its slow fire attack, and brings an entire army back to life!

TIPS- A arch vile cannot ressurrect pain elementals, lost souls, spider masterminds, cyberdemons, or other arch viles. Thank god. It shrugs off pain like it wasnt even there so when you catch on fire, walk behind an object to cut off his connection you you.

The Spider Mastermind

This is the arachnotrons..... MUCH larger cousin. He is a boss character that appears as the final boss in doom 1 and appears numerous times in Doom 2. He has a super accurate chaingun that can rip you up even when you are far away.

TIPS- Strafe behind cover, and USE THE BFG. Thats all the tectics i can give for this monster. 

The Cyberdemon

This is the most feared demon in doom, having a HUGE amount of health, instant killing rockets, and the greatest resistance to pain of all the demons.

TIPS- Stay far away, duck between cover and dodge the rockets, because he has PERFECT aim. USE THE BFG!!!!!