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Classic DooM enemies

This is a complete list of all the demons in Doom 1 and 2. All screenshots are from , the best doom site out there.


Former Human Soldier

This used to be one of your army buddies, but now he's a hell infested zombie bent on killing you. His puny rifle doesnt do much damage, but they tend to attack in groups.

TIPS- Attack before they can shoot, or attack from a distance. All zombie's attacks become innaccurate to the point of uselessness at a distance. Around 2 pistol shots will take him down easy.

Former Human Sergeant

This is another of your former teammates gone zombie. His armor is black and a bit tougher than the soldiers', but he is just as easy to defeat. Beware of his powerful shotgun. It's like being shot by a zombie 6 times.

TIPS- Attack before he can shoot you or attack fom a distance. You can not afford to be hit by his gun at close range. Try getting him to accidentally shoot other zombies so you can conserve ammo.

Former Human Commando

This is the hardest, and rarest zombie you will find. He wields a rapid fire chaingun that can strip your health away in seconds. His armor is red, and takes a good number of hits to take down.

TIPS- Take cover behind objects or attack from a distance and you will be fine. His aim is terrible so attacking from a medium distance is a good idea. Be sure to grab his gun once he dies for a new weapon, or more ammo.


This is your average bread and butter demon, with a ranged fireball attack and a melee scratch attack. He takes around 1 perfectly aimed shotgun blast to take down, and his attacks are pretty easy to evade.

TIPS- Strafe away from his fireballs and you should be fine. Imps are often found in groups, and should be taken down quickly.


These are fast, close up hitters. They have 1 single attack in which they bite you, and it does pretty good damage. They take a lot of damage to be taken down as well.

TIPS- Don't get close to them and you will be safe.


This is the same as the demon, just almost invisible.

TIPS- Stay away from the dark......... or it will be a pain to kill.


A slow, floating enemy that shoots balls of plasma at you. It has one eye, is red, and has bumps and spines all over it's...... body.

TIPS- Use a chainsaw or other rapid fire weapon on him. He is sensitive to pain and will not respond under the constant attack. But be careful when doing this because he tends to float away quickly in retreat.

Pain Elemental

Exactly the same as the Cacodemon, but he spits annoying lost souls at you.

TIPS- Kill him quickly before you are dealing with a cloud of souls with the creator in the middle.

Lost Soul

These can be found on their own, in groups, or become spawned by a pain elemental. These flying skulls will speed at you with amazing speed, and stop only when they hit something.

TIPS- Groups of these can kill you quickly, so take them out fast. If you are low on ammo and health, wait for a soul to charge at you and shoot him in midd charge. He will float slowly backwards, inactive until he hits a wall or other object. While he is in this neutral state, run up and chainsaw him into oblivion.


These are very fast skeletons with a few.... modifications to them and a mean right hook. Easy to kill, at the cost of extreme power.

TIPS- Dodge his rockets and look for the tell tale smoke coming from homing missles. Either lose the rocket or lead it into another monster to make it get into a fight with the revenant. Also, don't let him get close enough to punch you. He can kill you in 3 punches. Seriously. 


This obese demon wields a pair of powerful fireball launchers. Don't get caught in his flames' way. His main attack consists of 2 fireballs shot at once every second for 3 seconds. Thats 6 fireballs you gotta dodge at once!

TIPS- Take advantage of fatty's wide body. You dont need to be up close to make a successful hit on this wide target. Chaingun works well, because the mancubis is sensitive to pain.

Hell Knight

This is a elite demon fighter, and he shows it by being versitile in defense, ranged attacks and melee combat. He throws green fire at you, scratches you, and it takes a lot to scratch him.

TIPS- Take this guy out from a distance, because when you get hit by his green fireballs, you are in bad shape. He shrugs of pain easily, so the chaingun method doesn't work as well with him.

Baron of Hell

This PINK bad boy is exactly 2 times more powerful, defensive, and just plain harder than his cousin the Hell Knight. Thank god he's a sort of miniboss that is rarely encountered. 


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